Christopher Henning

Christopher Henning

US Army Veteran & Candidate for Congress

I grew up in small farming town in central Iowa, graduating high school in 1994. My family’s roots are tied to Kentucky as my 5th Great Grandfather, William Bonaparte Steen is buried with his wife, Mary, at the Old Mulkey Meeting House near Tompkinsville, KY. The meeting house was established in 1804, and is also the burial site of Daniel Boone’s sister Hannah.

In 1995, I joined the Iowa Army National Guard as Military Policeman, and in 1999 I changed over to active duty army as a Cavalry Scout. During my career I trained all over the United States, as well as served three combat tours.

Serving on specific committees such as the Armed Services, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, or Oversight and Reforms, I can fight for our republic and our commonwealth. I can be that voice in Washington that we currently do not have. I will not be a pawn for the establishment, but a real voice, to help solve our national issues which have far reaching effects on the citizens of the Commonwealth.

US Army Service

Ft. Polk, Louisiana

Cavalry Scout


After serving four years with the Iowa Army National Guard, I changed over to active duty army as a Cavalry Scout and was stationed at Ft. Polk in Louisiana. On September 11, 2001 while stationed at Ft. Polk, I was quickly put on alert to be prepared for any mission after the terrible terrorist attack on our nation. We were rapidly deployed that day around the installation and began a two month security operation for Ft. Polk, providing security for the families, employees, and soldiers of the base.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Tactical Operations Non-Commissioned Officer & Infantry Squad Leader


I volunteered to deploy for 4 months as part of Team Apache Infantry Company, to Kabul, Afghanistan, for NATO Security Support mission during the first Afghan National Election. I served as Tactical Operations Non-Commissioned Officer for one month, and then took over as an Infantry Squad Leader conducting Combat Security Patrols, Quick Reaction Force missions, and the national election / inauguration security in Kabul.

Taji, Iraq

Cavalry Platoon Sergeant


In 2007 I deployed to Taji, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Cavalry Platoon Sergeant responsible for twenty-one Soldiers. During the next 15 months, my platoon conducted security patrols, area and zone reconnaissance, counter IED operations, cordon and search, raids, site security as well as local stability and reconstruction efforts. We redeployed back home in February 2009.

Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Troop First Sergeant


In June 2011, I was assigned as Troop First Sergeant to Blackhorse Troop, 1st Squadron, 32nd Cavalry, 1st Brigade, 101st Air Assault Division, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan

Security Forces Advise & Assist Team


Our team deployed to Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan as a Security Forces Advise and Assist Team to advise an Afghan Army Kandak (Battalion) Sergeant Major for nine months. Upon return to Ft. Campbell, I was selected for a second First Sergeant assignment with Headquarters, Headquarters Troop, 1-32 Cavalry. Ten months later, I was again selected to move up to the Brigade Headquarters Company First Sergeant position where I helped prepare the Brigade Command Team for the next deployment to Afghanistan. I served a total of 47 months as a First Sergeant in the 101st Screaming Eagles.

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