Election Integrity

We need to do more to protect our elections.

Key issues on my mind start with election integrity. The election process is the bedrock of our republic, and without confidence in our election process, Americans lose their voice. I am frustrated at the lack of investigation by our elected officials after the 2020 election. I never felt as though the election should be overturned, but purely that it required investigation. I will fight to ensure the states continue to run elections with integrity, free and fair as intended by the founders.

Fiscal Responsibility

It’s time the government stop abusing taxpayer dollars.

Controlling our government’s spending is very important to me. I cannot understand why it is necessary to dump millions of dollars into social issues for other countries. America does have a role in aiding our friends and allies, however, it should not come at the price of doing nothing for Americans issues here at home. Why on earth would our representatives and our senators vote for such a pork filled drain on our children’s future? Spending the hard earned pay of our children on overseas issues does not make America better for their future and it must stop. I will stand for responsible spending, and for taking care of America first!

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment

Our right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

The founders truly believed in the right of self-defense, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Infringing on this right will not decrease crime. Criminals currently do not follow any gun laws…..they are criminals. By further infringement on 2nd Amendment rights will only empower criminals to run rampant against more citizens. Also, I would argue that armed citizens can also be a deterrence to foreign threats. James Madison in Federalist #46, discusses that the militia is formed of the people, attached to a subordinate government, and officers selected from the people to deter the threats of ambition. We must stay strong and protect the rights of our citizen’s defense.

Stop Big Tech’s Abuse

We won’t let them silence us.

Reducing the corporate stranglehold on free speech from big tech and mainstream media. Big tech should never be allowed to cancel someone for their opinion. Mainstream media should get out of opinion reporting and focus on the reporting of facts. If media cannot prove that their speech is fact, then they are an opinion outlet and should be listed as such so that all Americans understand what they are saying is not fact. It is hard to trust the information dispersed these days, and we owe society a free, trustworthy press.

Historical Revisionism

Critical Race Theory has no place in our schools.

Our founding occurred in 1776, and our people fought the Revolutionary War in order to break from the tyranny of the crown of England. Our founding was not in August of 1619, and was not based on the protection of slavery. This Critical Race Theory has no place in the public education arena. It is an opinion, not fact. Our children must be taught facts, and schools need to focus on skills to enhance their success, and the future success of our nation.

Legal Immigration

Our immigration system is broken.

Securing our borders is not anti-immigration, it is pro legal immigration. I fully support legal immigration and I fully support building walls to help protect our nation. America is a melting pot, and should remain the kind of nation that others around the world aspire to move to. A land of opportunity, of freedom, of prosperity. We should work to address the legal immigration bottlenecks, we should conduct health screenings, background checks, and provide education to assimilate new members to our country. This doesn’t require them giving up their heritage, but accepting the responsibilities that come with American Citizenship. The goal is to help them become positive, contributing members of our nation.


Protect the homeland.

I support a strong defense for our nation. The best way to avoid war is to show strength, power, and preparedness. To not let our adversaries define our roles in the world. To provide the best equipment, technology, resources, and education to our military. Our national security arm should not be a testing ground for social programs. This is not to say that there should be discrimination due to race, ethnicity, or gender, but filled with potential service members who are physically, morally, and mentally capable of the rigors of the duty entrusted to them. The U.S. military has been a leader in societal changes throughout our national history, and should continue this precedent with a focus of their most critical mission…..to fight and win our nation’s wars.

Support Law Enforcement

Support the police, not defund them.

The law enforcement of our country are here to protect and serve our communities and deserve our respect. Understanding law enforcement’s purpose is the first step in creating better community relations. Certainly there are areas of police reform that can be worked on, but I disagree that the law enforcement community is inherently bad. Defunding our law enforcement will only make matters worse. We will put our law enforcement professionals into harm’s way by being under trained, under equipped, and in the community under manned. If defunding occurs, certainly we will see an increase of private citizen’s having to protect themselves, their family, and their property.